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Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's complete!

Well, this concludes our 2010 year in review. I hope I've caught everyone up on what's going on in our lives. I hope to start posting about 2011 tomorrow. For now, there are things to be done before we celebrate Mom's birthday. Oh yeah, I'll go ahead mention this now even though a post will be forthcoming. Today is Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!! She's enjoying a day of shopping with Dad and then tonight we'll get together and have a birthday dinner for her.
Happy 30th Birthday, Justin!
We celebrated Justin's golden birthday at his parents house on New Years Eve. Family & friends joined together to wish him a happy birthday and to ring in the new year.
Playing with Landon

Justin with his nephew, Kerr, and Landon
Miss Julia Kate
our dad, Mark, and Justin's dad, Randy. Randy was trying out some
new shades Dad got for Christmas.


Of course, in December brings the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas. Our immediate family celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve, had a nice Christmas dinner with some of Mom's family on Christmas Day and then Dad's side of the family celebrated on the 26th. The first few pics are of Erin's family. I went to their house to take their annual Christmas card photo. Next time we'll have to make room for one more.

Miss Julia


Julia got to see Santa at her daddy's work, a John Deere dealership

Erin, Justin and Baby Wahl #3

Our annual family photo before opening gifts.

Aunt "Er" and Bubby

Mom's two sisters, Linda & Marilyn, our cousin, Amanda (Marilyn's daughter), my sisters and I all got together at Heather's house and had a Candy Day. We made buckeyes, turtles, fudge and two kinds of truffles. We also had a delicious meal that could've put us in the mood for a nap. But the day didn't call for a nap. It called for CANDY!

Heather, a.k.a. Truffle Girl

Erin and Amanda anxious for a bite of buckeye.

Aunt Linda, Heather, Aunt Marilyn, Erin, Amanda, Samantha and Pat

Friday, February 11, 2011

On Columbus Day, Mom, Erin, the kids, Heather and I took off for Hannibal & Quincy. In Quincy we stopped to see our cousin, Robert, at his karate school and Uncle Tom at the fire station.

Landon touched a fire truck tire and got dirty. Uncle Tom to the rescue!

Some of Dad's side of the family got together and had a wiener roast at Mom & Dad's. Uncle Charles & Aunt Sue happened to be IL & joined us, too.

Liz, Trent, Robert, Heather, Erin & Samantha

We celebrated Erin & Elizabeth's birthdays during the wiener roast. Erin's birthday is Oct. 24th and Elizabeth's birthday is Oct. 16th, the day we had the wiener roast.

Halloween - Jessie and Woody showed up at Grandma & Papa's.


September was jam-packed with activity. At least for me it was. Dad left on Sept. 3rd for his bike trip to Colorado. He arrived in Denver on Sept. 15th. I flew into Denver on the same day and we both spent a few days with Dad's Aunt Sue & Uncle Charles. They were very hospitable and showed us a great time. Dad and I cannot wait for the rest of the family to see Colorado one day soon. We also must not forget that a baseball game was taken in as well. Us kids went to see our St. Louis Cardinals play and were treated to a fireworks show afterward. Go Cards!

Julia and Landon

Dad just before he embarked on his cross country adventure.

Heather, Julia, Justin, Erin & Samantha
Julia being silly.
Uncle Charles & Aunt Sue

Stadium tour

Beautiful Mt. Evans

Dad & Me on Mt. Evans

Dad's cousin, Blake, with his two boys...Seth & Christian

Dad & his cousin, Brad

Dad finished his journey at Bibles for the World in Colorado Springs on Sept. 17th.

The gang from BFTW with Dad, me, Uncle Charles & Aunt Sue.

We had a great time getting to know them.


At the beginning of the month of August, Mom and Dad celebrated 30 years of marriage. Our family also found out that Erin's family will grow by one next April. Erin is due on April 1st. On August 21st, our family headed up to Iowa to see our cousin, Melissa, marry her husband, Shawn. Even though it was a quick day trip, but we had a good time. Dad wasn't able to go to the wedding, but he met us in Hannibal for dinner at Fiddlesticks.

Erin, Heather,
Amanda and Samantha

Heather, Mom,
Samantha and Erin

Erin and Julia

12 of the Hoots grandchildren

Bubby really enjoyed Fiddlesticks!
Erin and I went to Chicago at the end of July with my co-workers for the weekend. It was the first time I'd been to Chicago where it rained almost the entire weekend. Therefore, Friday was pretty much shot. Couldn't go to Navy Pier and almost didn't get dinner. But, we ventured out, not too far from our hotel on Michigan Avenue and found a Starbucks close by. Grabbed a sandwich and went back to the room to watch a movie. Saturday didn't look promising when we woke up, but it eventually got better. We ate at Ed Debevic's, shopped and headed down to Navy Pier to see some exciting Cirque de Soleil.
Continuing our 2010 Year in Review...

Hoots Reunion-
At the end of July, Mom's side of the family decided to get together for a family reunion down in St. Louis. Some of our cousins made the weekend into a full-on family vacation weekend. It was great to see everyone even for the short time that it was.

Melissa and her new husband, Shawn

Adam, Isabelle and Katie

Julia & Landon decided to play in the water fountain...with the only clothes they had with them.

Amanda and Isabelle